Part of Speech noun
Origin + Etymology
late 17th century; French from zeste "orange or lemon peel," from obsolete zec "membrane around walnut kernel"
  • flavoring
  • seasoning
  • spice
  • energy
  • gusto
  • fervor
  • passion
  • blandness
  • apathy
  • dullness
  • indifference
1. the outer, colorful part of the peel of citrus fruit, like lemon or orange, used as a flavoring agent
2. keen relish; hearty enjoyment; gusto
1. A) The recipe calls for a tablespoon of orange zest, but does that seem like a lot? B) Adding lemon zest adds the lemon flavor to the cake without overpowering it.
2. A) She approached the prospect of mountain climbing with a greater zest than I had ever seen in her. B) The discussion continued with a renewed zest after he brought up his divisive opinion.
Usage Over Time

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