Part of Speech noun
Origin + Etymology
late 16th century; from Old French toquassen, from Provençal tocasenh, from tocar 'to touch' + senh‘signal bell’
  • alert
  • bell
  • horn
  • sign
  • signal
  • siren
  • warning
  • quiet
  • silence
  • mute
  • peace
  • repose
  • inactivity
  • relaxation
  • idleness
1. a bell used to sound an alarm
2. a signal, especially of alarm, sounded on a bell or bells
1. A) Smoking is not allowed inside of the building or the tocsin of the smoke detector will go off. B) The school's blaring tocsin rang non-stop due to someone pulling the fire alarm as a prank.
2. A) The bank robbers had to cover their ears as the security alarms tocsin raged loudly. B) Bored and stuck in traffic, the woman flinched when the ambulance's tocsin rang loudly as it passed by.
Usage Over Time

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