[ ri-neg ]
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Part of Speechverb
Origin + Etymology
mid-16th century; Latinfrom the 1540s renegue, "deny, renounce, abandon," from the Medieval Latin renegare, from Latin re-, here perhaps an intensive prefix, + negare, "to refuse"
  • back out retract
  • go back on one's word
  • reverse
  • honor keep adhere to
  • confirm continue affirm claim
Definition go back on one's word
2.archaic: to deny, disown, or renounce
1.A) She felt as though she couldn't trust him anymore since he decided to renege on his promise to her. B) She didn't mean to renege on her commitment, but her abandonment caused a rift between her and the team.
2.A) She rudely and publicly made the decision to renege their company, vowing to never go there again. B) She didn't approve of his horrible behavior, deciding to renege their friendship for good.
Usage Over Time
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