Part of Speech adjective
Origin + Etymology
mid 17th century; Greek "pertaining to, performed by, or originating in the intellect," 1650s, from Greek noētikos"intelligent," from noēsis "a perception, intelligence, thought"
  • rational
  • intelligent
  • clever
  • reasoning
  • brainy
  • alert
  • bright
  • quick-witted
  • mental
  • brainless
  • dense
  • doltish
  • dopey
  • half-witted
  • mindless
  • nonmental
  • bodily
  • carnal
  • unconscious
1. originating in or apprehended by the reason
2. of or relating to the mind
1. A) Everyone could tell that the defense attorney’s noetic abilities were sharp due to her calculated responses made in court. B) She didn't know how to respond to his proposal since she was more of a noetic person rather than feeling.
2. A) She takes her studies in noetic science very seriously. B) The valedictorian earned the academic title due to her outstanding noetic skills.
Usage Over Time

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