[ ih-neyt ]

Part of Speech

adjective (2),adjective (1)


adjective (2)

inherent in the essential character of something

adjective (1)

existing in one from birth; inborn; native

Origin + Etymology

Late Middle English; Latin

from Latin innatus, past participle of innasci, from in- ‘into’ + nasci ‘be born'


adjective (2)

  • inherent
  • instinctive
  • intuitive

adjective (1)

  • inborn
  • intrinsic
  • ingrained
  • elemental


adjective (2)

  • incidental
  • extrinsic

adjective (1)

  • acquired
  • learned


adjective (2)

There was an innate defect in the hypothesis.

adjective (1)

The saxophone player has an innate musical talent.

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