[ hawg-wosh ]

Part of Speech

noun (2),noun (1)


noun (2)

meaningless or insincere talk, writing, etc.; nonsense; bunk

noun (1)

refuse given to hogs; swill

Origin + Etymology

Mid 15th century; English

from hog + wash; the original sense was ‘kitchen swill for pigs’


noun (2)

  • nonsense
  • balderdash
  • gibberish
  • blarney

noun (1)

  • swill
  • slop
  • rubbish


noun (2)

  • assets
  • sense
  • truth

noun (1)

  • assets
  • possessions


noun (2)

The nonsense coming out of the speaker's mouth was utter hogwash.

noun (1)

The pigs were fed hogwash for dinner.

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