[ an-tip-uh-thee ]
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Part of Speech noun
Origin + Etymology
Late 16th century; Greek from French antipathie, or via Latin from Greek antipatheia, from antipathēs ‘opposed in feeling’, from anti ‘against’ + pathos ‘feeling’
  • animosity
  • animus
  • antagonism
  • aversion
  • distaste
  • enmity
  • hatred
  • hostility
  • ill will
  • loathing
  • rancor
  • liking
  • good will
  • friendship
  • kindness
  • loving
  • sympathy
a deep-seated feeling of dislike
A) My grandfather's antipathy to communism likely developed when he served in the war. B) The two girls have a mutual antipathy for one another.
Usage Over Time

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